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Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 Movie Review:

Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai 3 Movie It’s been almost 9 years since the first part of this authorization released and still, occasion from the film are fresh in people’s minds. That film worked majorly because of the novelty value and the lead pair’s chemistry. Swapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve’s easy and sparkle chemistry is also a prime reason behind Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai 3 HD movie images(MPM3) achieve in holding your attention.

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Anyone who has followed the authorization or has even watched the trailer of this film will understand that the plot is very simple and there are no prizes for guessing what’s going to unfold on the screen. Post marriage Gautam (Joshi) and Gauri (Barve) are in a comfortable space, personally as well as professionally. Their ‘well-planned’ life suffers a setback, albeit a welcome one, when they learn that they are going to be parents. From then on, the film delves into how their life and surroundings change. And also Not only that, but this was also a super hit movie and has grossed Rs.75 cr in the Box Office Collection. Below in this article, you can find the details of Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 Full Movie Download.

Aali Thumkat Naar Song Lyrics

Aali Thumkat Naar is the song from the movie Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3. lyrics were written By Jagdish Khebudkar & Vishwajeet Joshi. Music Composed by Ram Kadam, Avinash-Vishwajeet. This song is sung by Aadarsh Shinde. Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 Full Movie Downlod

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  • Singer– Aadarsh Shinde
  • Music – Ram Kadam, Avinash-Vishwajeet
  • Lyrics – Jagdish Khebudkar & Vishwajeet Joshi

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Aali Thumkat Naar Lyrics In Hindi:

गं साजनी..
कुन्या गावाची कुन्या नावाची
कुन्या राजाची तु गं रानी गं…

आली ठुमकत नार लचकत
आली ठुमकत नार लचकत मान
म्होरडत हिरव्या रानी
आली ठुमकत नार लचकत मान
म्होरडत हिरव्या रानी
आली ठुमकत नार लचकत मान
म्होरडत हिरव्या रानी

हिच्या चालीत डौल कसा
अंगी भन्नान वारा जसा..

डौल न्यारा,
हीचा वारा, पिऊन येडा जिल्हा सारा

जनु गुलाबाची ही कळी
चढतो पोरांच्या गुलाल गाली
रंग गोरा,
हीचा तोरा, पाहुन येडा जिल्हा सारा…

रुपाचं तुफान, झालंया बेभान ,
उडवीत दैना जीवाची
ढोलाच्या तालात, ठोका ही चुकवीत,
चालली नार ठसक्याची
हिच्या नादानं, झालो बेभान,
जीव हैरान येड्यावानी गं
आली ठुमकत
नार लचकत मान..
म्होरडत हिरव्या रानी…

आली ठुमकत
नार लचकत मान
म्होरडत हिरव्या रानी
आली ठुमकत..
नार लचकत मान
म्होरडत हिरव्या रानी…

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